Counselling programs for Transformation

Programs are available and designed to access the unconscious powerhouse of information which exists between the subconscious mind, the conscious being, the physical body and the subtle energy layers. Programs typically run over 6 weeks and are custom made to suit personal requirements.


Transformative Counselling

 Purposeful encounters through meaningful engagement within the counselling framework. Interpersonal compassion and empathy, active listening, and context appropriate counselling addresses problems, finds solutions and enhances well being. Acknowledgement of reflexivity as a tool towards social transformation, whereby sessions encourage the identification of emotional undercurrents which affect patterned behaviour.



Archetypal Imaging – Map Making of the Unconscious


Archetypes are defined as universal, ancient symbols and images that derive from the collective unconscious. They are a type of innate unspecified knowledge, derived from the entire lifespan of human history, which directs conscious behavior and shaped by myth, history, culture and personal context. These archetypal templates form our patterns of behaviour and help us identify hidden themes.



Ecosystemic Psychology – The Family Matrix


Looking at a person's family of origin from a different perspective can trigger powerful insights. By assessing cultural beliefs, unspoken family rules and family dynamics one starts to reveal what influences are shaping personal consciousness, opening a doorway to healing core wounds at root level.



Subtle Body Energy Balancing (Chakra Balancing)


Part of any program includes an assessment of one's energy system, commonly known as the
Chakra system. A technique called Life Alignment addresses obstacles to physical and psychological wellbeing, and spiritual growth. This emotional processing technique moves us from trauma to self empowerment, from illness to vibrant living, through deeper connection to our life purpose. 


Art as a Healing Modality


The use of the creative arts has been used for centuries as an expressive, emotive tool for penetrating the deeper field of being. Art is a right brain activity which stimulates the creative, intuitive side and breaks down logical and rational thought processes, which assists in greater access to emotion.


The unique combination of traditional counselling,
creative therapy, holistic wellness and energetic healing is powerful,
provocative and profoundly life changing.