Counsellor's Background

Terri Harford

Wellness Counsellor (NQF Reg. No.895)


ASCHP Membership No. WC 20/722

(Assoc. for Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners)

This practise abides by the Code of Ethics as administered by the CCSA





BA Hons Counselling Psychology (UNISA)

BA Fine Art (Michaelis, UCT) 

Life Alignment (Body spin, Mod. 1 & 2)

Art Therapy (Intensive)





As a qualified Counselling Psychologist specialising in Adolescent, Teenage and Adult Behaviour, I apply Ecosystemic and Developmental Psychology, Metaphysics and Energy Balancing Techniques. By using the Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual Model (BPS-S) holistic services are offered in an empathetic and confidential space:



  • Individual Counselling 
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Coparenting and Mediation
  • Family Systems Counselling
  • Life Transformation Programs
  • Emotional Processing and Chakra Balancing



Counsellor's Approach


It is essential to have the knowledge of human behaviour, relationship dynamics, emotional states in relation to specific growth and development.  
Using the Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual Model (BPS-S) and drawing on multidisciplinary teachings, both traditional and metaphysical,
I combine person-centred, ecosystemic and psychodynamic approaches to my counselling practise. Understanding that a person's life is multi-dimensional, I draw on their personal narrative and connect it to unfolding events to uncover repetitious patterns of distortion that may be unconsciously undermining their potential, capacity and ability to gain perspective and momentum in their life. 


* Interventions are short to medium term



Facilitation Techniques


I use a dynamic combination of subconscious imaging techniques, traditional talk therapy sessions, visualisation, introspective journaling and meditation to unlock and explore core, energetic clusters of disharmonious or repressed emotions.
What the person is suppressing in their unconscious world becomes the focus of the treatment and facilitates a rapid healing process. 
Once the direction of the counselling has been established, I can customise a program specifically for the person's treatment requirements or facilitate one-on-one sessions. By addressing problems holistically, equilibrium can be maintained during the transformation process and the addition of creativity is therapeutic for the person undergoing great change.
I focus on a person's priority issues and work my way from the macro to the micro, as I unravel their energetic life story to determine patterns and themes. Practical suggestions and creative strategies are then provided to facilitate the flow of personal advancement and provide support for a valuable new skill set that may be applied to all current and future situations.


Personal Responsibility


It is a person's responsibility to engage with the sessions and be open to taking part in the self healing process. I encourage all those in session to be inspired about excavating one's own reality and applying it, on a personal level, to the soul perspective. Keeping an open mind is imperitive to the success of any program. 
* Both one-on-one sessions and programs are available.




Together, we bring about the energetic shift required for transformation.


'Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate'

Carl Jung
Confidentiality and Ethics
  • All sessions are confidential and facilitated in a private and safe place.
  • Consent is required for persons under 16. All ages are welcome.
  • The practise is non-denominational, multicultural and respects all belief systems.
  • The South African Counsellor's Code of Ethics and Practice as administered by the CCSA applies.
  • Settlement before or on the day.