Holistic Wellness Counselling


Individual Counsellling  •  Relationship Counselling  •  Coparenting 
•  Conflict Resolution  •   Career Transitions  •  Trauma / Stress Management  
•  Addiction  •  Holistic Nutrition  •  Meaning and Purpose



Holistic counselling enhances the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of a person or group of people.
By intuitively accessing the unconscious and tuning into energy dimensions one can make enormous transformational
shifts by focussing on blocked or repressed core issues.

Integration of Body, Mind and Spirit 



The drawings and artscapes in which Terri delivers her guidance were a phenomenal way in which to see myself for who I was and how I had been through my life. My intuition has become more in line with my true self and surroundings.  I feel lighter, more confident and no longer ruled by the will of others.  I learnt to feel and respond with true empathy and was guided into a routine of daily meditation and self-awareness – this learning has changed my life in a way I never expected. 
John Richards